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Nelson Investigates

Why do blocked sewers and drains cause flooding in areas of Portsmouth? The Pompey mascot, Nelson, features in the sessions as he tries to find out why a match at Fratton Park is going to have to be cancelled due to flooding. This leads him to explore the sewer system and discover what happens when it gets blocked.

Each classroom session lasts an hour and is followed by a practical activity session with children involved in multi-sport style games linked to the session to consolidate their learning. The project uses old and modern maps, as well as photos to show how the pipes were first installed in Portsmouth during the Victorian era and why?

‘The children fully embrace what this project is all about. Initially there is hesitation as they just don’t know what to expect, but after the course is finished so many of them go away buzzing from the experience and really showing an invested interest to learn even more.’ – John Stedman, lead coach.

The sessions are delivered in a two hour format over a two week period. Encapsulating classroom learning as well as physical activity sessions related to water usage awareness.

For more information on the project please contact James Lang on 02392 728899 or email james.lang@pompeyitc.org.uk


Project sponsored by Southern Water