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Stadium Challenge

Pupils complete a Dragon’s Den Stadium Challenge which fulfils elements of the geography curriculum. Following a stadium tour, children are presented with a proposal to find a suitable location for a new Pompey stadium.

Groups take away an educational resource pack compiled by teachers at Pompey in the Community to support the learning back in the classroom and a second visit to the Study Centre allows children to present their findings and proposals to the ‘dragons’.

‘The challenge is a perfect opportunity for children to not only visit the stadium at Portsmouth Football Club whilst also a chance to demonstrate what they have learnt and how they could potentially put that into practice.’ – James Lang, Education Manager at Pompey in the Community

We structure this educational session to cater for more than just a class full of children, schools have the opportunity to bring entire year groups or even bigger than that, as this is treated as a reward sessions for school children as well as hitting large proportions of the national curriculum.’

For more Information, please contact James Lang on 02392 728899 or email james.lang@pompeyitc.org.uk