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Help your students and your community enjoy the benefits of NCS.

NCS is a personal and social development programme for young people. It invites all Year 11 and Year 12 students to be the best they can be, whatever their background and ambition. NCS provides them with the opportunity to develop the tools, skills and belief to unlock their potential and make their mark in their communities.

Independent evaluation has shown that NCS raises aspirations and helps students develop important skills and attitudes for life and work, increases their likelihood of continuing in education and raises their awareness of education and employment opportunities. UCAS recommends NCS as something university admissions staff like to see in candidates’ personal statements. Government support means that it costs just £50 or less to take part in NCS and bursaries are available on a case by case basis.

Independent evaluation found that over 45,000 16 and 17 year olds took part in NCS in 2013 – and 9 out of 10 of these would recommend NCS to their friends.

NCS is growing rapidly so it can meet its ambition of being available to every teenager. It has tripled in size between 2011 and 2012, and now we have over 35,000 NCS graduates. We expect the number to double in 2015 and for the programme to continue to grow.

Whether you work in a school, college, academy, pupil referral unit or alternative education setting, you can play a big role in your students’ decisions to say ‘yes’ to NCS.

There are two ways you can help your students get involved:

1) Invite your local NCS provider to present to your students:

Nearly 3,000 schools and colleges across the country have invited their NCS provider to meet their Year 11 / Year 12 students and give them the chance to take part in NCS.

Providers’ experienced staff can join with local young people who have already taken part in NCS to give information presentations in assemblies, classes or break times. They answer any questions your students and their parents / guardians may have. They help your students to sign-up and they support participants in the weeks leading up to, and during, their NCS adventure.

2) Become an NCS Champion School – where NCS is a way of life:

Following a successful pilot in 2012-13, National Citizen Service (NCS) is rolling out its ‘Champion School’ initiative to schools, colleges, academies, pupil referral units and alternative education settings across England.

National Citizen Service Champion Schools work closely with their NCS regional provider to support the delivery of NCS to their students. They embrace NCS into their ethos, link NCS activities to their Citizenship and PSHE lessons, and encourage all of their Year 11 / Year 12 students to take part. By doing so, Champion Schools ensure NCS is part of their way of life, a valuable addition to their curriculum which delivers positive outcomes in priority areas for every one of their students.

During the Champion School pilot, colleges and schools with a sixth form found involvement in NCS as a Champion School to be a great way of preparing their students for the step to post-16 education. By running programmes with the whole of their intake prior to the start of their studies, Champion Schools found they were teaching from day one confident, engaged, sociable students, ready to learn and with an understanding of the role of their school or college in their local community.

But there are many ways throughout the year your Year 11/ Year 12 students can take part.

Becoming a Champion School comes at no cost to schools, colleges, academies, pupil referral units and alternative education settings. It brings real benefits to every student’s attitude, behaviour and future prospects – regardless of their interests and abilities.

In 2013, the NCS Trust, an independent social enterprise, was set up to manage NCS and execute the expansion of the government backed programme.