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Pompey in the Community prides itself on the health projects and initiatives that it delivers to help people to make healthy lifestyle choices. We aim to raise awareness and understanding of healthy lifestyles as well as providing opportunities to get active.

Portsmouth City has areas of great deprivation, acute health inequalities and a lower life expectancy than it’s surrounding areas. Much of this is due to high levels of vascular disease, secondary to the lifestyle factors that lead to it, including obesity. The projects listed below are all helping to address these issues.

Please download a copy of our Health Strategy.

Kick Start Health

Pompey in the Community recognises the important role the club can play in helping children make healthy lifestyle choices and develop into responsible citizens. The Kick Start Health programme is an original health based project which is aimed at Year 3/4 children in the city. Its objective is to improve children’s life decisions and encourage them to try new foods specifically fruits and vegetables. During the course children will learn about: healthy foods, hydration, food groups, physical activity, co-ordination, heart and lung health, sun sense and many other important ideas.

A Kick Start Health course lasts for five weeks, with sessions lasting two hours. This consists of a combination of classroom based learning, followed by a physical activity session, usually linked to the classroom work.The project is funded by the Football League Trust and will continue for 3 years. Fruit and vegetables used in the first session’s ‘blind-tasting’ section have been kindly donated by Sainsbury’s Farlington.

For further information please contact James Lang at: james.lang@pompeyitc.org.uk

  • Imagine Your Goals

    Imagine Your Goals uses physical activity to improve social inclusion and well being for people with, or who are caring for someone with, mental health problems. The physical activities support participants to overcome poor physical health, low self esteem and the impact of social exclusion – all of which are detrimental to mental health and wellbeing.

  • Adult Fitness Sessions

    The Community department offer three fitness sessions weekly to adults of between 18-55 years old. These sessions raise awareness of the importance of a healthy balanced diet and use physical activity to help achieve this. The sessions also provide participants with an opportunity to socialise with others whilst learning the importance of healthy living, the health implications associated with smoking, increase their sustained participation in sport, and importantly offer one to one behaviour change sessions with our fully qualified health trainer.

  • Portsmouth FC Matchday Events

    Prior to every Portsmouth home match we provide in-house health checks to fans. In these sessions we offer opportunities for our health trainers to highlight the key areas of health and lifestyle issues, including healthy eating, increased physical activity, stress/anxiety/emotional wellbeing, sexual health and smoking cessation.

  • Pre-school Healthy Lifestyles

    It is well documented that children who start school over weight are likely to become increasingly overweight during their time at school. This project aims to address some of those issues before they begin. The sessions improve parent and child interaction through ‘play’. Each week the session introduces a new piece of sporting equipment and the coach shows parents how to best use the equipment whilst playing and interacting with their child.