Pompey EmployAbility Programme

Pompey EmployAbility Programme is a transformative 12-week initiative designed to empower individuals with additional needs to acquire essential life and professional skills related to cooking and working in a kitchen. At Pompey in the Community, we are dedicated to providing opportunities for personal growth and development, equipping participants with the tools they need to succeed in the culinary industry and beyond.

About Us

Pompey EmployAbility is more than just a training course—it’s a life-changing journey that helps individuals develop practical skills, boost their confidence, and unlock their full potential.

Our comprehensive curriculum covers various topics, including culinary skills, CV workshops, and real-world work experience. Through hands-on activities, interactive workshops, and personalised support, participants gain valuable insights and experiences that prepare them for success in the kitchen and beyond.

Who We Serve

The Pompey EmployAbility Programme works with underrepresented individuals with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) who may need support developing life skills and confidence within a kitchen environment.

We provide a supportive and inclusive space where participants can learn, grow, and thrive, regardless of their background or previous experience.

Highlights of the Programme

Throughout the 12-week programme, participants engage in enriching experiences tailored to their needs and interests. Some highlights include:

1. Culinary Skills Development

Participants can learn essential culinary skills, including food preparation, cooking techniques, and kitchen safety. Through hands-on cooking sessions led by experienced instructors, participants gain confidence and proficiency in the kitchen.

2. CV Workshops and Job Readiness Training

Our programme includes workshops focused on CV writing, interview preparation, and workplace etiquette. Participants learn to communicate their skills and experiences effectively, increasing their employability and confidence in pursuing future job opportunities.

3. Real-World Work Experience

Participants can gain valuable work experience through placements in local kitchens and food establishments as part of the programme. From assisting chefs in busy restaurants to preparing meals for community events, participants gain practical experience and valuable insights into the culinary industry.

Looking Ahead

As we celebrate the achievements of our participants, we are committed to continuing our mission of empowering individuals with additional needs to reach their full potential. Through ongoing support, mentorship, and advocacy, we aim to create a more inclusive and accessible culinary industry where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

Join Us

If you or someone you know could benefit from the Pompey EmployAbility Programme, we encourage you to contact us today. Email us [email protected]