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Legacy & In-Memory


Every contribution counts, and yours can make a real difference in the lives of those in your community. By making a donation to Pompey in the Community, you’re directly supporting our mission to empower individuals, enhance opportunities, and foster positive change in Portsmouth and beyond.

Whether it’s providing access to sports programmes for disadvantaged youth, delivering crucial educational initiatives, or supporting community outreach efforts, your generosity enables us to continue our vital work.


We have so many amazing supporters out there who have donated to our cause whilst doing amazing things. Whether it’s a sponsored head shave, personal challenge like abseiling the Spinnaker Tower or Great South Run or holding a quiz night on our behalf our supporters, you can do all kinds of fundraising activities to support us.

Other Ways to Support

We have many ways that You can help support us. Be it our partnership with SG Fleet and Soccerlease or the amazing volunteering and placement work that our supports complete.

You can learn all about the many other ways to support us by clicking the button below.

Legacy and In-Memory

Leaving loved ones behind is always a difficult thought and we’re so grateful when people consider leaving us gifts in their will.

Celebrating the life of a loved one by fundraising in their memory is always special to us. We feel honoured when friends and families choose to honour their loved ones with us in mind.

Our Fundraising Events

Each year we host a variety of events and encourage people to take part in our challenge events. From running the Great South Run to taking part in our charity Golf Day, find all the details below

Pompey in the Community Partners

Is your business interested in making an impact in the community?

Becoming a corporate partner of Pompey in the Community offers a range of benefits that extend far beyond traditional business collaborations. Our Community Partners contribute to societal welfare and support initiatives that empower individuals through sports, education, and community outreach, which creates a lasting and meaningful impact in Portsmouth and surrounding areas.

Alongside the usual brand association, you will benefit from unique networking opportunities, connecting you with like-minded businesses and influential figures, whilst fostering relationships with the local community where you’ll get to visit our programmes and see the impact you are having with the people that need it most.

Opportunities to partner with us:

  • Support a community project
  • Sponsor sessions, events, teams and minibuses
  • Corporate Donations
  • Advertise at the John Jenkins Stadiums, on our minibuses and sports kit
  • Make us your charity of the year
  • Be part of Pompey Big Build
    Take part in our Fundraising Challenges
  • Take up our team building opportunities and awareness training days

To find out more about our partnership packages contact: [email protected]

Our Current Partners

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