Pompey in the Community’s Walking Football Club have just returned from a major International football tournament in Mallorca.  They were part of 39 participating countries from all over Europe and beyond.

The opening ceremony was a fantastic occasion with all 39 nations and teams introduced and parading with their country and clubs’ flags into the Stadium, Olympic style.

Pompey ITC had 22 players in the squad, one over 60s team and two over 70s teams. The over 70s teams both qualified and were unfortunately drawn against each other in the playoffs/knockout round, the B team, against all the odds, held the A team to a 1-1 draw but lost 3-2 on penalty shoot out.

Giorgio Colombi suggested that a highlight of the experience was that, ‘we have an 83 year old, Alan Stillwell, who before the game had said to the ref, if you penalise me for running I deserve a medal. Unknown to any of us the officials had decided to keep Alan to his word when on Alan’s first offence, they stopped the game and presented Alan with his very own medal, see attached pictures. A tremendous gesture, also considering this was a serious elimination game. It certainly made Alan’s tournament’.

He added, ‘I have to say our squad behaved impeccably both on and off the field and we left with good vibes for Portsmouth FC and the city.’

‘A big thanks must go to our club Captain, Nick Robinson, who organised everything for the Portsmouth squad to getting everyone to Mallorca and back safely and in time and in good spirit.’