“Life ‘n’ Chimes” is a poignant initiative by Pompey in the Community, focused on providing support, companionship, and meaningful experiences to those in our community affected by dementia, at risk of developing dementia and those expereincing social isolation . Today, we shine a spotlight on this remarkable programme that showcases the beauty of football’s ability to bring people together. 

Dementia might steal memories, but it can never erase the joy and happiness that the beautiful game brings. “Life ‘n’ Chimes” creates a safe and welcoming environment for its participants, celebrating the beauty of shared experiences and cherished moments from singing to gameshows and crafting to coffee mornings, there are experiences for all.

In the voices of those who are part of the “Life ‘n’ Chimes” group, we learn about the transformative impact of this initiative.  

Learn more about Pompey’s dedication to raising awareness about dementia and the steps taken to ensure that Pompey in the Community remains a dementia-friendly environment, where everyone feels welcome and supported. 

Supporters and Donations

Our programme couldn’t exist without the kind support of volunteers and supporters who help us provide refreshments and activities. Together, we’re making a positive impact on the lives of those affected by dementia in our community. We’re always looking for people to partner with, so if you’re a business or an individual that would like to donate their time, money or other type of donation, please get in touch: [email protected]

Relive some of the heartwarming moments created through “Life ‘n’ Chimes” and meet some of our great participants in this latest video. These are the instances that remind us of the power of community, togetherness, and the indomitable spirit of Pompey. 

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Join in the fun on Wednesdays between 10:00-12:00

Usually at Pompey in the Community but please contact us to see if we’re out on a visit.

Contact us to join in the fun: [email protected] | www.pompeyitc.co.uk/life-n-chimes

To donate: www.justgiving.com/pitc