It’s important that members of the public and especially young people are well informed about their rights when it comes to dealings with the police. With this in mind, the Race Confidence Community Group, made up of members from the local police, solicitors, young people’s advocates, and community groups, meets regularly to discuss a wide variety of topics. At one such meeting a short while ago, there was a concern that young people were becoming agitated and aggressive with the police when they were being stopped in the street because they didn’t know their rights or what the police had the power to do.

Pompey in the Community took on the task of creating an information card that could be given to young people, to educate them about their rights and what to expect if they are stopped by the police. The cards have now been produced. They are similar in shape and size to the fixture lists that Portsmouth FC distributes every season and can easily be kept in a wallet or purse for easy reference. There is also a downloadable version that can be kept on your phone.

The cards have already been distributed to the Red Cross, Stand Up to Racism, and the Portsmouth Black History Committee who will be delivering them to all the local colleges over the next few weeks. It is hoped that this small card containing information about what rights you have and what to expect, will prepare young people more in the event that they are stopped so that the situation can remain calm and have a more positive outcome. The card also contains details of useful websites should you wish to make a complaint.

If you would like more information about the cards, please contact Duke Harrison-Hunter via email: [email protected]. Or you can download the card in PDF format here. Know Your Rights