Pompey in the Community (PitC) are back in schools this term to run the Move and Learn Project in partnership with Joy of Moving designed to inspire active lifestyles in primary school children.

Joy of Moving inspires children to move through play whilst developing key skills in four major areas: physical fitness, motor coordination, cognitive functions & creativity, and lastly, life skills. Our coaches teach various games to pupils through this programme which combine different elements of these four key areas. It is the combination of these vital skills within the fun accessible games which help children to learn in an engaging way.

On this six-week programme, children learn how to enjoy staying active and live a balanced lifestyle. In the first week of the programme, children learn what physical activity is, the different levels of physical activity, understand what activities contribute to an active day, and understand how much physical activity they should be doing for their health. They also take part in a pulse rate experiment.

Other weeks include learning how physical activity can affect the body and mind, understanding what it means to have a balanced diet and learning the importance of staying hydrated. In the last week they recap all they have learned and are given the challenge of writing a letter to their future selves about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

The programme is important for schools, as currently in the UK, 55% of children do not meet the chief medial officers’ guidelines of taking part in sport and physical activity for at least 60 minutes every day (Sport England, 2021). Joy of Moving inspires children to move and become more active in achievable and attainable ways; through informal activity and play which is the key to get children moving.

To find out more contact, [email protected] or visit https://www.pompeyitc.co.uk/joy-of-moving for more information.