Pompey in the Community have been working with Goal Click and PLCF on a Goal Click photographic project – where two of our young participants (Rian and Peaches) have done a fantastic job, documenting their football lives as part of our Kicks programme.

Here is Peaches’ Q&A below:


Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your football life?

My name is Peaches Davies, I am 12 years old and I’m from Portsmouth. Football is my life – and it always has been since I was little. I play at the Pompey in the Community girls’ session at the Mountbatten Centre on a Monday and play with the with the development squad. I am also on the youth committee. All these years I’ve trained myself in the garden but I’m so happy I get to play and represent my city through the Pompey U12 girls’ team.


What did you try to show with the photos? Was there any wider meaning with the photos?

A lot of the people in these photos are people from my football team as well as some of my family members. They are all really close with me, and they are all part of my football journey.

These photos were taken at my football training session and then some were also taken on a match day where we were warming up before a game. I tried to show the fun we have at sessions and how we can make ourselves better footballers and how the coaches try to help us as best as possible.

One of my favourite photos is before one of our games where my team are warming up. This shows a close-up example of what preparations before a game are like.


What does football mean to you? Why is football important for your community?

Playing football means that I can be myself, be creative and be part of a team with my friends. Football is what brings our communities together. We are all passionate and proud and we all belong when we are at football.


How does taking part in Kicks make you feel? What impact has the Pompey programme had on you?

Being part of Kicks makes me feel like I make a difference in my community and connect with so many different people.

I feel really supported by the Pompey programme. It gives me loads of confidence in myself and I have even more confidence when I’m playing football, which I love.

Pompey in the Community gives girls and boys of all ages the chance to learn so many different skills, not just in football but in other sports too. I’m really happy that I can be a part of it.


What do you think the future looks like for football in Portsmouth and England? What are your ambitions?

I think the future of football in Portsmouth and England is going to give girls and young people like myself a lot more opportunities to find their passion in the football world and have a job they enjoy.

I want to be the best I can be and would like to be a professional footballer or make it to the highest level possible. My dream is to represent Pompey Women FC.